Retail lighting specialist Parify Lighting has entered into a new partnership with Professional Jeweller.

The agreement sees Parify Lighting appear on its very own brand partner page on the website.

The page can be found from anywhere on the PJ website by heading to the top menu and clicking on the first header ‘Brands’.


The partner page tells jewellery retailers (as well as art galleries, exhibitions, showrooms, museums and other businesses) everything they need to know about Parify Lighting and its services.

The page reads: “Our wide range of quality lighting solutions have been proven to showcase store merchandise in the best possible light, enticing more customers into your store.

“We cater for a wide variety of lighting types from stalk lights, recessed ceiling lights, undershelf lights, surface mount lights, strip LED lights and track lights.”

The partner page also includes click-through links to a number of Parify Lighting’s product ranges, as well as top stories related to the company on the PJ website and a map to help readers find their way to the Parify showroom in Leicester.

To find out more about Parify Lighting and what it offers to retailers and other companies, visit the partner page below:


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