Parify business owner, Scot Walker, believes business will be even brighter for jewellers once the coronavirus crisis calms down.

While he by no means dismisses this as a difficult time, deciding to stay positive the light specialist director says business owners need to be positive and become “survivors not victims”.

The Parify business owner strongly believes that there will be a spike in sales once outbreak slows down, so now is the time for jewellers to prepare for better days to come.


He tells Professional Jeweller: “This is an opportunity to evaluate, revise, remodel or revamp your business, to make it stronger and more resilient than ever.”

He encourages: “In times of reflection on a national tragedy people are in lockdown and do not spend on luxuries. Everyone is on survival mode, but once we come out of this people will be back on the high street purchasing in force – kind of like the end of a 6 month diet, people go out and treat themselves…. Retailers need to prepare for when this happens so they have the stock to cope with the volume once we come out of this. Time should now be spent in the relative quiet, analysing your store, decorating, repairs, relamping, etc, all the jobs that cannot be done when you’re rushed off of your feet.

“Now is good time for store refurbishments as retail shops are quieter or closing temporarily. Why not get a shop refurbishment now, so that once we come out this the shop has the best lighting and fittings to increase sales.”

The supplier also encourages jeweller to consider their online strategy as people will be spending money online more than ever.

He says social media is particularly key during this time, for both communicating with customers and driving sales.

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