Pay-by-text service to shake up jewellery retail

New service will allow jewellers to sell products via text messaging.

A new service which enables jewellery retailers to sell their products via text messaging has launched, promising to help speed up transaction times and capitalise on impulse buying behaviour.

The Txt2Buy service has been designed in response to the tougher retail climate, allowing retailers to act on customers who are shopping more impulsively. As advertising and retail have moved into the online realm and smartphone apps are developing, more are finding that consumers do not need to be near a bricks and mortar shop to buy.

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Txt2Buy allows shoppers in the UK to respond and purchase instantly and securely from any advert by simply sending a text. The new service has been coined the ‘PayPal of Mobile’ and involves retailers adding a simple promotion code and SMS number to their print, TV or radio advertising.

Customers simply respond to the advert via SMS and following a one-time registration process with Txt2Buy, will be able to use the system to purchase from any retailer which incorporates Txt2Buy codes within their advertising.

The SMS promotions are said to work best as part of TV or print campaigns and will help jewellery retailers to maximise ‘impulse’ purchases; if a consumer sees an item of jewellery in a brand’s TV advert or sponsoring a television show, they can text to purchase that product in a matter of seconds.

Marketing and brand director at Txt2Buy, Gordon Ellis-Brown said: “Txt2Buy is a compelling new service that has the potential to revolutionise how brands engage with a larger customer base, more than ever before. It is by far the most convenient way to close a sale, as consumers don’t need internet access to purchase – all they have to do is send a simple text. Any phone that can send SMS messages can buy using txt2buy, meaning it isn’t restricted for those with the latest smartphones either”.




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