Claudia Bradby - Cirque

On a mission to showcase a classic stone in contemporary ways, Claudia Bradby Jewellery added many new successful collections to its portfolio this year, but Cirque is one that really propelled business for the brand.

As the name suggests, the design inspiration behind this range came from the eponymous designer’s fascination with the excitement and quirkiness of the circus.

In particular the mesmerising trapeze artists and the spirit of freedom and adventure they invoke.


The necklaces, earrings and bracelet within the Cirque range have been designed to capture this sense of freedom and movement, resulting in fun, playful pieces that are at the same time enduring and elegant.

A hero piece from the collection is the lariat necklace; a versatile long necklace that can be worn in several style. This design quickly became a top performing product after it launched.