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Pearl jewellery supplier launches accessible training videos for shop floor staff


Award-winning pearl jewellery supplier, Raw Pearls, have created a series of training videos to help shop floor staff sell with more confidence.

Recognising that information on pearls available in the public sphere is often either lengthy and academic or inaccurate, Raw Pearls curated seminars with what was Holts Academy in London and has also given in-store team training by appointment with their retailers.

The release of a pearl training video series will now streamline the company’s training approach and make it easier for all sales staff to receive accurate, relevant, and easy-to-follow training at any time, in any location.

After following the series, Raw Pearls believes retailers will benefit from stronger sales within their pearl ranges as shop floor staff will feel more confident having built a deeper knowledge of pearls and will have a stronger engagement with this product area.

Managing director of Raw Pearls, Jonathan Raw, explains: “Our partner retailers need accurate information to educate and inspire their end customer and we feel this has been lacking in relation to a gem that, whilst has a huge history, has always remained a mystery, often even in the trade.”

The videos form part of the suppliers promise to work closely with retail partners and build stronger relationshiops.

Raw Pearls will be releasing the first video in January 2019. The short films will be available to watch online for those who learn best by listening and watching and will be accompanied by notes for those who prefer to learn by reading.


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