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Pearl specialist Matt Aminoff champions sustainable pearl cultivation


Pearl specialist Matt Aminoff has released its latest research on sustainable pearl cultivation.

London-based Matt Aminoff cites the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) as leading the way in regulating sustainable pearl cultivation, and says it now only works with highly regulated Australian and Japanese suppliers approved by the MSC.

The MSC gives sustainability awards based on excellent practice, yet Matt Aminoff worries that regulation and certification are all too rare in the industry.

With growing awareness of the “social, ecological and environmental damage” caused by the mining of diamonds and precious stones, Matt Aminoff believes that the jewellery industry should consider the impact of pearl cultivation just as carefully.

The company’s report added: “Over the years we’ve refined and narrowed down our supply chain to a select group of pearl cultivators in Japan and Australia.

“As well as serving us with a high level of consistency and reliability for many decades, our suppliers are now providing us with a guarantee that the recommendations and guidelines set by bodies such as the MSC and their local prefectural governments are followed in every aspect of pearl harvest and production.”


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