Online jewellery marketplace Pearls & Pomegranates has welcomed EÈ Chan to its roster of independent, ethical jewellers.

Founded by Chinese jewellery artist Xinyi Chen, EÈ Chan’s debut collection features fashion pieces which cross the boundaries between the physical and digital through the use of alternative materials.

Chen has been experimenting with the use of electronic components as gemstones in jewellery since 2016.


Responding to a cultural awareness of electronic waste and a wider focus on sustainability in the jewellery industry, China’s WEEE Recycling Centre has formed part of the supply chain for Chen’s debut collection, Data Garden.

Talking about sustainability, Chen said: “We are living in an age of waste.

“I hope people could return to this Earth’s reality from the virtual, rethinking what it means to live in this rapidly changing world and reflect upon the essentials of who they are.”

Xinyi Chen is a Central Saint Martins graduate and winner of the Bright Young Gems sustainability category.

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