Terms such as ‘cultured pearls’ to be considered at Vicenza meet.

The CIBJO conference, which takes place in Vicenza this month, is set to follow up its discussions concerning pearls, as first initiated at its 2011 conference.

Last year, discussions focused on the use of “clear and unambiguous terminology” for the pearls, and these exchanges will continue this year with a view to terms such as ‘cultured pearls’.


Kenneth Scarratt, president of the CIBJO Pearl Commission and director of research at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Thailand says that this year discussions should recognize the importance of the Pearl Commission’s role and the centrality of the CIBJO Pearl Book, which, due to a lack of an ISO standard for pearls, is considered “in all practical terms the industry standard for pearl nomenclature”.

Last year’s meeting included pearl experts from across a range of fields, including natural pearl dealers, pearl fishers, as well as cultured pearl producers, dealers, retailers, associations and the major auction houses.

To read more about last year’s meeting and to find out more about what the Pearl Commission will discuss at its upcoming meetings in Vicenza in two weeks time, click here.



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