"Tough girls' treasure trove" eschews twee in favour of bold jewels.

Jewellery brand Peculiar Vintage has opened a permanent jewellery store on Brighton’s Baker Street, showcasing product from a number of designer makers, including Katie Lees, Jon Forster and Abby Carnevale.

The shop is being run by designer Stef Warde, who turned Peculiar Vintage into a full-time business in 2012. The store will operate under the same name and officially opened its doors on September 27th.


Warde exclusively told Professional Jeweller: "We got the keys mid August. It’s a permanent space to showcase designers we have carefully curated, both home-grown and international. Our new ‘bijoux’ space has given us a showroom, gallery and workspace in one.

"I felt Peculiar Vintage met in the middle in terms of craft and fashion-forward designs. These two areas are quite separate in the jewellery community, so we’ve curated our guest designers who hand-make each piece. Our international designers are emerging talent who have a presence via respected online fashion sites such as Not Just A Label, Boticca and Wolf & Badger, but we have exclusivity and have become their first UK Stockist."

The shop hosted an opening party over the weekend of September 27th, and is being pitched as a "tough girls’ treasure trove", with Warde adding "there is nothing twee here".

The shop’s full list of guest designers are Abby Carnevale, Eilisain Jewelry, Emily Thatcher, Emma Ware, Katie Lees, Jon Forster, Atelier L.A.F and Tiki.

The Peculiar Vintage brand offers silver and 9ct gold designs with oxidised elements, gemstones and motifs such as owls, keys, sharks’ teeth and daggers. It is also sold through independent retailers such as Thor & Wistle, Brazen Studios and through stores in Edinburgh, London and St Albans.