R.Y.M - Diamond Digit

R.Y.M. Jewelry launched this year with three debut collections designed to make luxury accessible, with each collection displaying a selection of pieces positioned to suit a range of tastes at differing price points.  

Inspired by geometry and Indian numerology, the Diamond Digit collection encapsulates a new language of numbers to form a personalised and hidden code.

In Indian numerology, zodiac is based on the day you were born, which corresponds to a personality type.  Crafted from 18ct yellow gold and diamond pavé, the Diamond Digit pendants are numbered from 0 to 9 and assigned a distinct symbol to represent each number.


Consumers are invited to commemorate meaningful dates, lucky numbers and memorable people by playing with the digits and creating a necklace which is personal and distinctive. The necklets are fully customisable so wearers can take the pendants off anytime to wear it alone for a change in style.

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