Swarovski - Remix Charms

The Remix range won the title of Professional Jeweller’s Fashion Jewellery Collection of the Year in 2017 after it secured 28% of the votes.

Now Swarovski has bolstered its Remix offer with the launch of charms, which can be added to the popular strands.

While customers could already curate their own style with the Remix strands, which have quickly become a bestseller for the brand, charms allow people to personalise their look.


The Swarovski Remix collection features magnetic clasps which enable each Remix strand to be worn alone or linked together to create combinations of bracelets, necklaces, chokers and anklets.

Now these bespoke looks can be adorned with personalised letter charms, crystal birthstones and symbols. Symbols include the increasingly popular Hamsa hand and evil eye, alongside a range of charms that represent luck, protection, health and good fortune.

Charms can be layered and interchanged easily, making these new personal elements as easy to use as the magnetic stand concept.