Peter Andersen, president for Western Europe, Pandora

Peter Andersen, the outgoing president of Western Europe for Pandora, took a break from clearing his desk this morning to speak to Professional Jeweller. “I’m arranging to hand back my car and I’ll be walking out at 3 o’clock,” he describes.

Mr Andersen has been at the helm of Pandora for the UK since 2008, and his role was expanded to cover Western Europe a few years ago.

After eight years at the helm, he feels the time is right to move on. “It has been an amazing journey. We have achieved a lot of great things. I have worked with some very talented and dedicated people, but I feel comfortable leaving now. I have played my part in establishing something that may never be repeated,” he says.


Back in July, when Mr Andersen first revealed his intention to leave Pandora, he said that he had no immediate plans for his next move in business.

That has not changed today. Other than accepting a role on the board of Schormand, a Danish fashion brand in which he has made “a small investment”, Mr Andersen has no firm career plans.

However, he will not retire. “I did think about retiring to France, but that is not going to happen,” he reveals. “I’ll be 50 very soon. It is a good time to take stock; to reinvent yourself,” he adds.

Mr Andersen will continue to live in the UK, and expects his next business venture to be in this country. But he does not think it is likely to be in the jewellery business. “I would prefer not to go back to working in jewellery. I would not like to compete with Pandora, it would be too difficult,” he says.