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Philip Stein wellbeing watches set for UK push


Brand set to drive forward following official Harrods launch today.

Luxury wellbeing watch brand Philip Stein is set to make a push into the UK market, having launched at Harrods this month with its natural frequency technology watches.

The brand has been sold in the UK for a number of years through independent retailers including Peter Jackson, Hessmans and Judith Hart jewellers. They are also sold online in the UK via The Watch Hut.

Philip Stein has now made a move into the department stores, with Harrods stocking the brand’s classic oval-shaped, figure of eight Prestige collection that features two time zones. Some are crafted in titanium while other styles are set with diamonds.

The brand’s co-founder Will Stein spoke at the launch of the brand at Harrods this morning. Stein was asked about the frequencies and how he and his wife Rina, his fellow co-founder, came to put them into a timepiece.

He said: “We had a background in watches and had the Philip Stein brand and then we were approached with this technology and put it into the watches. We didn’t go searching for it, we were offered it.”

Stein says the technology have helped to cure him of headaches. The brand has been endorsed on television by Oprah Winfrey, who featured the brand three times on her television show after being gifted one of the watches by Madonna.

Each watch contains technology based on key frequencies said to be beneficial to life and health, embedded on a metal disk in each watch. When wearing the watch, the wearer’s energy field “interacts with the frequencies of the watch”, which in turn is said to make the fields stronger and the wearer more resilient to stress.

The brand has carried out a number of studies, particularly focused on sleep, with results demonstrating that it improves the wearer’s wellbeing. Philip Stein has also produced wrist bands to aid a good night’s sleep, alongside a special wand for wine said to speed up the ‘breathing’ process through use of the frequency technology. It has also just launched its own perfume.

Stein said that the company has grown to become a globally recognised wellbeing brand, is number one in the Philippines – where the former presidents daughter wears the timepiece – and currently operated with about ten standalone stores worldwide.



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