Italian jewellery brand, Picchiotti, will be continuing to support UK jeweller during this time, despite its HQ closing until further notice.

John Watson will still be available for British jewellers, especially those that will be looking for stock that will sell well online while physical shops are closed.

The popular Xpandable collection will no doubt be a popular choice as its stretching nature makes it a safe purchase during a time where customers cannot try stock on in stores.


Thanks to an innovative and invisible mechanism that allows rings and bracelets to expand and contract, the line grants freedom from poorly fitting rings and cumbersome bracelet clasps.

Endless research for excellence and continued improvement of the technology has prompted Picchiotti to constantly develop sophisticated designs that reflect the celebrated jewellery house’s architectural-inspired style coupled with unique coloured gemstones, as well as lively fashion-forward creations to stack and combine by colour and style.

The 2020 Collection is no exception and delivers striking new creations.

The ‘7 Series’, for example, offers an arrangement of three twin Xpandable rings, each embellished with seven oval sapphires, rubies and emeralds, while the ‘Princess Band’ is a unique full-eternity band, boasting thirteen princess-cut diamonds.

Elsewhere, the ‘Emerald-Cut Lover Bangles’ celebrate the elongated beauty of emerald-cuts in a rare range of diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds.

And to continue with the architectural inspired pieces, ‘The Ultimate Octagonal’ offers bracelets with octagonal sapphire and emeralds, in a diamond setting.

Take a look at the latest offer below: