Award-winning Italian jewellery brand Picchiotti has officially been granted a 20-year US jewellery patent for the technology behind its innovative Xpandable collection.

The invisible technology, which allows both precious gemstone bracelets and rings to expand and contract for comfortable and durable wear, is now protected against counterfeit by US law.

“My family and I are incredibly proud to have been awarded a rare and meaningful U.S. jewellery patent,” says brand president and founder, Giuseppe Picchiotti. “We knew from the beginning that the genius of this technology was special and that it would ensure long-lasting comfort for our customers. The patent now sanctions the originality of our invention and ensures that Xpandable customers can be confident they are getting a genuine Picchiotti creation.”


Having launched in early 2016 with roughly a dozen styles, the Xpandable collection has been enormously successful since its inception – quickly becoming a bestseller in the UK.

The revolutionary line of diamond and gemstone jewellery now comprises over 200 designs in bracelets and rings that expand and contract, cleverly solving the problem of sizing in rings and the problem of cumbersome clasps in bracelets.

Many years of dedication, research and development have perfected the technology to ensure both comfort and durability, as well as the excellence in design and manufacturing for which the Picchiotti brand is known worldwide.

The patent will protect consumers against counterfeits.