TV presenter Piers Morgan has mocked Jane Fonda after the screen veteran revealed she wore ethical jewellery to the 2020 Oscars.

As part of the ongoing drive towards environmentally friendly fashion on the red carpet, Fonda accessorised her recycled gown with ethically sourced gold and diamonds by luxury jewellery brand Pomellato.

Taking to social media to share this news, Fonda posted: “At Oscars wearing Pomellato jewellery because it only uses responsible, ethically harvested gold and sustainable diamonds.”


The post swiftly prompted a mixed response from followers, among them Piers Morgan, who mocked the actress by retweeting her selfie with the comment: “The sacrifice is humbling!”

Piers Morgan is certainly known for his controversial comments, but this time around many responded in agreement with the TV presenter.

Hitting out at the star, another carped:  “What goes on in the mind of these people who have not stepped out of their echo chamber their entire life, is fascinating. They honestly believe that wearing the right type of jewellery makes them sound virtuous. Unbelievable.”

Another user Tweeted: “Sorry Jane. You can protest all you want. What was two hundred million dollars? You’re just a one percenter. Let’s be honest. Wearing gold and diamonds it’s all about ego.”

Others did, however, stand up for Fonda and praised her decision to wear ethical jewels.

While it may not seem like a ‘big sacrifice’ for a star to wear sustainable luxury, celebrities speaking out about ethical options on social media will only help the cause.

Following several red carpet events with an ethical focus, it won’t be long until questions being asked by the stars will be asked by consumers on the British high street.

IMAGE CREDIT: Jane Fonda Instagram