Social media site Pinterest is proving the most successful for e-retailers.

Pinterest has now made it easier for users to buy the things they see on the social media platform.

Since launching in 2010, Pinterest has rapidly grown and become one of the important social media platforms for businesses to have a presence on.

Up until now, the service has allowed users to share photos of products they like, create mood boards and allow users to be limited pieces. Jewellery businesses have benefited from this as consumers use the platform to share with loved ones items they might like to be gifted. Most notably, girls create mood boards of engagement rings they like the look of and use it to pinpoint where their other half might be able to find the specific rings they’ve pinned to their board.


77 Diamonds told Professional Jeweller last year that while Pinterest is predominantly female orientated, and not necessarily 77 Diamonds’ main target audience, the referral from this social media platform to the businesses’ website is tens of thousands a month.

Now, an update has been made to the platform which allows users to click and buy in minutes. The new features has been called ‘Shop the Look’, and it allows users to click on individual items in photos and buy them, or if they aren’t for sale, view similar items that are for sale through the network.

Jewellery brands can tag items themselves, or Pinterest employees will tag them so users can click through to make a purchase. The company already offered ‘buyable pins’, which let users make purchases on the service, but those pins were limited to a single item each. Now a brand can essentially advertise multiple products in the same pin.

Furthermore, Pinterest has also added an update called Lens, which allows users to search Pinterest based on an image they share on the service. For example, if someone sees a piece of jewellery they like on a friend, or in a magazine, and post it on Pinterest, the social media platform will find that piece of jewellery for you or a similar-looking item.

Both of these new features have been added to make Pinterest more desirable for shoppers and have added an extra dimension to the platform for jewellery businesses.