The winner of the Digital Innovator of the Year award is 77 Diamonds.

Retailers in this category have embraced digital trends and been innovative online to bolster business. This has been the year of e-commerce across practically every industry, so there was no shortage of competition in this category this year.

Digital Innovator of the Year was arguably one of the most important and also competitive categories this year, due in large part to the renewed focus on e-commerce brought about by the numerous national lockdowns.


The shortlisters have all risen to the challenge and shown their ability to adapt by implementing creative new ideas through the last 12 months.

77 Diamonds managed to clinch the vote at the eleventh hour, though, after working hard to streamline its website this past year, improving SEO and expanding its social media presence to some of the platforms less often used by businesses.

The company has even added a virtual ring styling service and videos of most of its products in an effort to make itself the premier online jewellery retailer.

The rest of the nominees in this category were:

Daniella Draper Jewellery

F Hinds


URSA London

William May

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