The winner of the Fine Jewellery Brand of the Year award is Fabergé.

Quite simply, this award recognises every single person working behind the scenes at the best brand names in the jewellery industry.

From the CEO to the person behind the workbench, every person’s role is crucial to keep the ship on course.


Despite the massive pulling power of each name featured in the shortlist, one company was able to reign supreme throughout the voting process.

The winner is a company that in its history has without question created some of the most breathtaking pieces of luxury ever seen, and 2021 has been no different for Fabergé.

On top of that, it has recently begun to put into action plans to further develop its brand specifically within the UK market.

The rest of the nominees in this category were:

Carat London

Domino Jewellery 

Hockley Mint

Jessica Flinn 

Shaun Leane 

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