Professional Jeweller is delighted to announce 77 Diamonds as the winner of the Digital Innovator of the Year Award.

Retailers in this brand new category have been harnessing the power of online to boost sales and improve the customer experience.

While all the finalists should be commended for their hard work to innovate online, 77 Diamonds were crowned the winners.


With 60% of sales coming directly through the company website, 77 Diamonds has invested heavily in digital innovation from the very beginning and continues to do so as technology and the consumer evolves.

Having launched the website in both French and German in the last 12 months, the firm continues to be a tour de force for the online UK jewellery industry by becoming the first UK brand to host 360 degree videos of not only the jewellery collections that are available online, but also the diamonds that are available for purchase. Moreover, staying up to date with the key changes made in the digital space and adapting to the needs of online marketing has been pivotal to 77 Diamonds’ continued success in the field.

Ensuring that there is are strong PPC campaigns in place ensure they are grabbing consumers at the beginning of their journey, with continuous display marketing ready to retarget website visitors.

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