Professional Jeweller‘s Power List nominations are due to close at the end of the week, and just before they do, we are proud to announce that the Inspiring Independents category will now be sponsored by Parify Retail Design (formally known as Progressive Display).

Parify offers a number of services to small independent retailers as well as to jewellery chains and larger stores.

Through products like its retail cabinets and lighting solutions, Parify claims to be able to set up a retail business ready for trade in as little as 14 days.


The service has recently undergone a rebranding, which the company was only too happy to explain in detail.

“The decision to alter the name of our shopfitting division known as Progressive Display arose after recent communication with our clients,” said Parify Group’s Mark Hollis.

“Our clients were unaware that Progressive Display is affiliated with the Parify Group Ltd.

“We felt more transparency was needed to differentiate the divisions within Parify Group Ltd.

“Under Parify Group Ltd we have three keys divisions – lighting, shopfitting and e-commerce (Back On The Highstreet).

“Parify Ltd will soon be referred to as Parify Lighting Ltd – encompassing our entire lighting range and services, including lighting design, manufacture and installation.

“Parify Retail Design Ltd, formally Progressive Display, will reflect our turn-key shopfitting arm, providing a complete concept-to-completion retail service (design, manufacture and installation).”


Professional Jeweller also asked Parify Group founder, Scot Walker, about the decision to sponsor the category. See the Q&A below:

Why did Progressive Display sponsor the Inspiring Independents category?

Without a doubt, the heart of the industry is the independent jeweller, and this sector of the market is facing the most challenges from economic factors over this last year.

By giving support to this sector from the multiple divisions within the Parify Group, we hope to contribute towards its success and prosperity.

What benefit do you think noting Inspiring Independents will bring to the jewellery industry?

We hope to inspire the independents with our designs – creating the perfect ‘retail experience’ environments from which they can grow and prosper.

Would you like to add any further comments? 

We completely believe that the way shopping will change over the coming years will force consumer behaviour to change, and independent  jewellers need to create the correct environments that complement this change in behaviour.

We aim to design and create relaxing, experience-driven stores which increase customer spend and loyalty, thereby ensuring the success of the independent retailer.


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