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PJ unveils new Power List partner Ti Sento – Milano


Professional Jeweller‘s Power List is set to be revealed in the upcoming May magazine, but before that we are pleased to announce that Ti Sento – Milano has joined as sponsoring partner for the Retail Titans category.

Mesmeric Distribution is the official UK distributor for brand Ti Sento – Milano.

We spoke with director Judith Lockwood about what makes the Retail Titans category so important to Mesmeric Distribution and Ti Sento – Milano.

Why did Mesmeric Distribution sponsor the Retail Titans category?

Mesmeric Distribution has chosen to sponsor the Retail Titans category because we believe this category truly acknowledges the people who are store owners, managers and directors who achieve greatness every day in their business by inspiring their organisation and people.

We know and understand retail and in the past year every business has faced exceptional challenges, this is a thank you to you and your team on behalf of the industry.

What benefit do you think noting Retail Titans will bring to the jewellery industry?

We all need inspiration and we can all learn from each other. Each person here has been nominated for what they bring to their business by people who know them, work for them, supply them and admire them.

It is always fascinating to see how people operate and the different ways they do it. We believe this shows the diversity, breadth of skill and challenges each leader has had to face in these unprecedented times.

We would like to add that all retail owners, managers and directors that have come through the past year deserve credit and applause for their creativity, mindfulness, flexibility management and leadership skills and regardless of whether you are featured here or not we applaud you.


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