It has been an eventful 12 months in the UK jewellery industry, with plenty of ups and downs to keep the market on its toes. Here are 15 memorable quotes that we have reported this year – can you guess who they are from? Answers to all the quotes are available at the bottom of the page…

QUOTE 1: “I go to some industry events and the phrase ‘pale, stale, males’ comes to mind, and I don’t believe that reflects our industry.”

QUOTE 2: “It’s proving unbelievably difficult for my staff to ask simple questions about the ‘dirty word’ of marketing. I was away last week and my staff didn’t take a single piece of email information, and when I am there they force themselves to ask the question, ‘Would you like to leave us your email address for targeted marketing, which would be just suitable for you and you can unsubscribe easily at any time?’, and they sort of fight their way through it but it doesn’t come naturally.”


QUOTE 3: “I don’t like the term millennial. I think it pigeonholes us. There’s certain people in the trade that will see you as some big shot who thinks you’re great just because you’re described as a millennial, when we are just the next generation of jewellers.”

QUOTE 4: “I know that there were people that were concerned, will we survive? And the answer to that is most definitely ‘yes’. We are here to stay, we are here for the long run, and we’ve got some great plans for the future, we’ve got a great team of people and we are not going anywhere.”

QUOTE 5: “Ultimately I don’t believe people are going to remember how much money we took or how much profit we made, but I do believe they will remember how we made them feel and what a difference we made, and that’s what motivates me.”

QUOTE 6:  “Gone are the days of a cheese and wine party. Nowadays customers expect to be entertained and that’s something we always keep in mind at all times. Every event needs to exude luxury.”

QUOTE 7: “One of the weaknesses with the industry is its needs to take some cues from the fashion industry because of how innovative they are. The fashion industry immediately gets on board with new things and many brands like Monica Vinader brand themselves like fashion labels and maybe if we take cues from the fashion industry we can become an industry that the general consumer is more aware of.”

QUOTE 8: “We can get carried away in the good times, but we are having to fight for every penny right now, and I think to some degree we have forgotten how to do that.”

QUOTE 9: “It used to be that you would have a training day and you would pass round the box of donuts to keep everyone happy, but for one of our girls has one or two fasting days a week where she only eats 300 calories. How do I train and keep this person interested in a day’s training when she is not keeping her sugar levels up?”

QUOTE 10: “I think hard work is underestimated. Hard work is one of the keys to success. Hard work is related to where you want to be.”

QUOTE 11: “We’re all very different, worlds apart really. A lot of shops have come and gone very quickly, people have tried but there are already shops doing what there is to be done. There’s nowhere for new comers to arrive and fit in.”

QUOTE 12: “This studio space really epitomises what we consider to be our trailblazing attitude towards modern jewellery and styling, and really embracing individually and self-expression. This for us therefore is really the vision of us as the next generation of luxury jeweller.”

QUOTE 13: “You hear about an independent jeweller closing and that’s really sad, but then you look at the pictures of the store and can almost see why. And that’s a real shame. Change doesn’t have to be massive or expensive — the smallest things can make a big difference.”

QUOTE 14: “We undersell ourselves with jewellery, we don’t shout about it enough. All our shops have some fabulous jewellery in and we should be selling a lot more so as a company we are refocusing our attentions on jewellery.”

QUOTE 15: “Jewellery brands are not going down without a fight”