It has been another eventful 12 months in the UK jewellery industry, with plenty of highs and lows to keep the market on its toes. Here are ten memorable quotes that we have reported this year – can you guess who they are from? Answers to all the quotes are available at the bottom of the page…

QUOTE 1: “Ultimately, my role as MD is to sell. I love being on the shop floor, and it’s been really nice because I’ve been able to sell to some customers myself and that’s the best way to really understand and gain real insights. That’s how I love to spend my time. It gives me a lot of energy. People work really hard on the shop floor and you never want to lose sight of that, or lose touch with it, and you’ve got to give them a voice.”

QUOTE 2: “If customers genuinely feel like you are not selling to them all the time I think that is a real positive. I have been staying in a new hotel in London and just after one day the guy on the door knows my name, and when I checked in yesterday I thought, ‘I am never going to stay anywhere else other than this hotel — this guy is amazing, how does he know me already?’ He’s not trying to sell to me, yet I will probably become loyal to that hotel because of him.”


QUOTE 3: “As an organisation we are absolutely committed to customer-first. We are prepared to make difficult decisions, we are prepared to be unpopular, and if necessary we are prepared to invest significantly in order to make that happen.”

QUOTE 4: “We sweat the small stuff. If a customer is heading out to black tie event and their jewellery needs some TLC, then we will collect and return. If a company CEO needs a gift to present to a loyal employee, we have it delivered to their office. Going the extra mile in all aspects of our work. That is what’s important to them.”

QUOTE 5: “What I’ve found is that when I was younger I would do anything my boss asked me to do, within reason, and I wouldn’t question things. What I see now though, especially with the younger generation coming through, is that they don’t have that same desire to do whatever it takes. They actually call the shots to the extent where they want to have a good environment and good prospects, and they value other things. It is not just about the money.”.

QUOTE 6: “Within my career, I have always believed that your smile becomes your logo, your personality becomes your business card, and how you choose to leave people feeling after they spend time with you becomes your trademark.”

QUOTE 7: “The advice I’d give to a woman trying to build a career or business in any field would be to believe in yourself and your work —confidence is essential to success. Also surround yourself with people who will lift you up. Being an entrepreneur is not easy and setting up your own business is of course not without risk.”

QUOTE 8: “The goal is really to regain what we lost and, in this ever fast changing world we live in, we simply lost brand relevance of today.”

QUOTE 9: “Funnily enough we sell more high value items in the north of England than we do in the south, for the fact that there is no one holding £100-£500K stock like we do. If you are in Chester or Manchester and you want to spend that sort of money, no one carries that stock other than is. If you want to go out this afternoon in London and spend a quarter of a million pounds on a piece of jewellery you could go to fifty places — the competition is red hot.”

QUOTE 10: “Since GDPR we have made more money from email channels than we ever did before because it forced people to re-decide what they were signed up to, and therefore we are now targeting people who chose to stay and shop with us.”