Surging gold prices have caused a dramatic shift in the sale of of white metal diamond set jewellery, one jeweller has noticed.

Albion Fine Jewellery, an Anglo-Indian company with a store in London’s Hatton Garden, has reported that almost all of its production has moved away from white gold to platinum.

The company’s UK manager Stephen Kopaloff said: “This is a massive turn around in our production.”


He continued: “Be it cast or handmade, platinum now represents far better value for the consumer.”

In the last year, a statement from Albion revealed, gold prices in the UK have risen by over 35% and palladium, the main alloy in white gold, by 45%.

This, Kopaloff argued, has made platinum the more sensible choice for buyers, with Albion Fine Jewellery producing in excess of 220 platinum pieces per week.

The company said that when it receives requests for 18ct white gold pieces it informs customers of the benefits of choosing platinum, and they usually agree.

See some of Albion’s pieces below: