A British jewellery and diamond industry mainstay has revealed his opinion that the price of platinum is “set to rise” once again.

Dovi Friedmann has worked for various companies in the UK and Hong Kong, including the likes of China Diamond Corporation, Diasqua and Doja.

Now, he has founded Lucky Metal, a South African jewellery brand which ships to the UK and focuses on platinum pieces.


CEO Friedmann commented: “After too many months of limited trade and an uncertain future, it’s perhaps no surprise that Gemfields is selling Sedibelo Platinum, which is not part of Gemfields core business.

“However I believe  platinum, a precious metal 30 times rarer than gold, is on the cusp of a new beginning with its price set to rise, thanks to a global necessity for platinum with the advent of fuel cell technology.

“The true value of platinum is not yet appreciated. My belief in platinum is steadfast, which is why Lucky Metal prices its platinum jewels in relation to the live price at which platinum is trading.”