Barclaycard is trialling a new pocket checkout payment concept that allows shoppers to scan and pay for goods using their smartphone.

While contactless payment is yet to make sizeable impact in luxury jewellery, due to its focus on low end, it is growing in the wider retail environment.

The Grab+Go app will streamline the way consumers buy low-value goods, enabling single click purchasing and removing the need to physically queue at tills.


Following the trial’s announcement, Usman Sheikh, director of design and experimentation at Barclaycard, said: “The way in which people shop and pay has evolved significantly over the past decade, and as the use of mobile and wearable payments grows, we are constantly looking at how we can use technology to make our customers’ lives easier.”

In addition to saving shoppers’ time, Grab+Go offers merchants a new way to serve their customers, and presents an opportunity to meet their demand for quicker, easier and more convenient ways to buy goods.