One hundred items totalling £10,000 recovered in Bridgnorth.

Victims of jewellery theft have been reunited with their stolen goods after a police appeal in Shropshire.

More than £10,000 worth of jewellery – a total of about 100 items – was seized when police raided a home in the town of Bridgnorth.


Three victims from the same area were eventually reunited with their stolen goods following the appeal. Images of some of the more distinctive items – incuding a knot brooch, Fossil watch and gold coins – were released by police, with about 50 people coming forward to stake thier claim. The victims were described as “delighted” at the discovery of the jewellery.

Detective Constable Alan Dean, from the Shrewsbury Burglary Unit, said: “Three victims from the Bridgnorth area have been reunited with their jewellery as a direct result of our appeal.

“They were absolutely delighted to have it returned, having given up hope of seeing it again. One victim idntified three rings, including an engagement ring, and a further 13 items were claimed by the other two, most of which had immense sentimental value.”

The items, including wedding rings, dress rings, engagement rings, necklaces, gold sovereigns, lockets, bracelets, crucifixes, brooches, and watches, were found in a safe which also contained several thousand pounds in cash and a quantity of Class A and B drugs.

The warrant was carried out as part of Citadel, the West Mercia Police initiative focussing on reducing burglaries and arresting offenders. Two men were arrested and remain under investigation.