Authorities want paper trail and ID for all scrap gold transactions.

Police forces across the UK are calling for a change in the law that will require all scrap metal transactions, including cash for gold at jewellers, to be recorded and for ID of the seller to be registered.

The police are responding to a rise in burglaries, particularly by organised gangs that appear to be targeting homes of Asian families known to own considerable amounts of gold jewellery.


It is traditional among many Indian and Pakistani families to present considerable quantities of gold jewellery at weddings as a dowry to the marrying couple. There is typically a spike in weddings around spring time.

The Times reports today that there has been a spate of break-ins in the Thames Valley and the Midlands in recent weeks that are thought to have been motivated by a search for Asian gold.

Crimestoppers in the West Midlands, speaking to Professional Jeweller, said that they raise awareness of the issue around key festivals such as Diwali and Eid, when Asian families are more likely to take their jewellery out of safety deposit boxes and wear it to parties and keep it around houses.

Council officials in Walsall, a town between Birmingham and Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, are expected to raise the matter with police and other agencies following concerns about a rise in burglaries in their area.

Gangs have been active in Reading, Slough, Wokingham and Windsor, according to The Times.

Regulation of the sale of gold appears to be out of step with the new reality of crime on the streets of Britain. Cash for gold shops often provide mailing envelopes to homes, allowing thieves to steal gold and mail it away for cash instantaneously, Professional Jeweller was told.