Staff at Ali Jewellers shaken but unhurt as thieves snatch trays.

Police arrested two men just 20 minutes after a robbery at Ali Jewellers in Burton-on-Trent yesterday.

The robbers pushed a member of staff to the floor of the store before escaping with trays of jewellery. The staff member is said to be shaken but unhurt.


A witness provided details of the getaway car and police pulled over a cehicle matching that description 20 minutes after the raid.

Staffordshire Police spokesman Pete Stevens told The Burton Mail: “Luckily, nobody was seriously injured but this was obviously a traumatic incident for someone carrying out their daily business who should have been able to do that without individuals coming into their shop, threatening them and stealing property.”

Ali Jewellers, on Uxbridge Street, specialises in Asian jewellery. There was no one available at Ali Jewellers to comment on the robbery.