Suspects armed with sledge hammers break into Fraser Hart.

In the second Fraser Hart robbery in two weeks, police were pelted with designer watches as the suspects sought to escape.

Police believe the suspects broke their way into the shopping centre armed with sledge hammers and made off with a quantity of designer watches.


A security guard was threatened by one of the individuals during the robbery, which took place just after midnight on Wednesday at Bentalls Shopping Centre, Wood Street, Kingston.

Officers headed to the Bentalls Centre and could see the glass panel doors damaged and open on the Fife Road entrance, which is next to Starbucks.

When officers got to the jewellery store, a large glass panel had been smashed in various places and a sledge hammer had been left at the premises.

Kingston local authority CCTV operators immediately checked their cameras and could see suspects on two mopeds leaving the area and heading down Dolphin Street at speed.

Local officers from Kingston Borough swarmed the area and gave chase to the moped, assisted by the police helicopter, at which point they were pelted with stolen watches by the escapees.

Two suspects were subsequently arrested in Sandy Lane, Sutton after the moped crashed. Another two men have since been arrested and one has been charged in relation to the incident. A quantity of watches has been recovered.

Kingston Burglary Squad detective constable said: "This was an excellent ‘Team Metropolitan Police Service’ effort greatly assisted by the CCTV operators and members of the public."

This is the second time a Fraser Hart store has been broken into in the past two weeks. Last week, a number of high value designer watches were stolen from a Fraser Hart store on Lower Thames Walk in the Bluewater shopping centre, Kent.