A poll by fine jewellery brand, Fenton, reveal that couples have been waiting for lockdown restrictions to ease before getting engaged.

In a study done over the brand’s social media channels, 76% of 1,000 couples polled said they had grown closer during lockdown, but only 12% would have been happy with an engagement during this time, with the rest revealing they have been waiting for restrictions to ease further before buying a ring and getting down on one knee.

Many even said that they would like to get engaged soon after lockdown is lifted.


Does this mean we can expect an engagement boom once lockdown ends? This was certainly the case in Wuhan; couples were so eager to marry after lockdown ended that they crashed the marriage application system back in April.

With jewellers now open in England and Wales, couples can at least look at engagement rings in the flesh.

According to Fenton’s study, 90% of their audience will be looking at non-traditional styles, with many saying they would favour a gemstones over diamond adorned piece.

This echoes what Domino’s creative director, Naomi Newton-Sherlock, predicts. In an exclusive video interview Newton-Sherlock said she felt couples would be looking for more unique pieces after reflecting more on what they would like and their own personalities during lockdown.

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61% of Fenton’s respondents said that a desire for a coloured gemstone had been inspired by the Royals, namely the sapphires sported by Princess Diana, Kate Middleton and Princess Eugenie.

In another move away from tradition, 58% agreed they would be happy to go halves on the ring of their dreams, while others revealed they expected the ring to cost the equivalent of two month’s salary, with the general consensus from replies being that they would want the ring to be an investment and have sentimental value, without breaking the bank.