A popular independent jewellers in Burton will close its doors for the final time at the end of the month.

HJ Richards originally announced it was to close after 120 years in business in May, with a massive closing down sale to shift the remaining stock taking place until the closure, and the shop’s owner, Andrew Richard, has now predicted that the last day of trading will come at the end of the month

The sale’s first week saw half of the store’s £1.5 million worth of stock sold, but Richards has said there is still ‘plenty’ remaining and the shop will remain open seven days a week while it tries to shift the remaining product.


Speaking to Derbyshire Live, Richards said: “It’s certainly getting more real now. A lot of the stock has gone now, but we still have plenty left to go.

“I’m not sure how much exactly we have left as I’ve not had chance to sit down and work it out yet. But we are looking at the end of the month to close properly.

“We’ve had an awful lot of people come in and say how sorry they are to see us go, which is sad.”

Richards, who plans to enjoy retirement with his wife once the shop has closed for good, went on to say that even some of the shop’s traditional fittings had been sold.

The shop was first opened by Richard’s grandfather in 1896, and the owner has previously described the decision to close the shop, which was taken as a result of his health problems and difficulties with trading, as ‘difficult.’