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Posh Totty Designs celebrates 15 years in business


British jewellery firm, Posh Totty Designs, is celebrating 15 years in business.

Alice Rivers-Cripps founded the company in 2004 after returning from a trip to Mexico which planted the seed for her future career.

Fresh out of university and uncertain of what the future held, she embarked on a soul-searching trip to Mexico with only $60 in her pocket. With little more than a yoga mat for a bed and the stars for a ceiling, she managed to find work with a group of local Mayan jewellers. Here Rivers-Cripps was taught the basics of jewellery making.

Upon arriving back, full of inspiration, the entrepreneur decided to further develop her new found skills, which lead her to discover a signature hand-stamping style and create personalised pieces for friends and family, and then eventually launch Posh Totty Designs as a business.

Fast forward to today, the company now has a physical retail presence in Brighton and London, alongside a concession in Wimbledon. Posh Totty Designs also runs a large workshop in the south and employs a s a predominantly female team of 50.

The brand has successful been sold on Not on the High Street, won multiple awards, and expanded into homeware and accessories.

To celebrate the company’s anniversary, Posh Totty Designs has made a big splash in its window displays and launched the Tidal collection, which harks back to where Alice Rivers-Cripps initially learned the basic of jewellery making, in Mexico. The range is cast from the very shells she kept from her time there.

The jeweller has also used social media to mark the occasion, sharing milestone moments throughout the 15 year journey,



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