Sussex retailer to run local ad campaigns on buses.

Sussex retailer Pressleys has invested in a new local advertising campaign for Marco Bicego after the Italian brand proved to be instantly successful in its stores.

Pressleys, which has stores in Chichester and Worthing, has put £13,000 further investment into the brand, with the money going towards a local bus campaign for Marco Bicego at Pressleys in the run up to Christmas.


Its managing director Jonathan Pressley said: “We have started so well with the Italian brand we thought such an investment into advertising would see an excellent return over the Christmas period and beyond.”

The store is also set to hold a Christmas Marco Bicego event at its Chichester store to celebrate the launch of the gold and gemstone jewellery brand.

As well as Marco Bicego, the retailer has also added Hans Krieger and Schoeffel to its portfolio this year, with Picchiotti fine Jewellery also launching in store.

There are also big plans for 2013, with Pressley stating that, following on from the success of its Etcetera branded jewellery store, Pressleys will expand again with a watch gallery in its Chichester store.