Karl Massey, managing director of Prestons, says that he was totally shocked to learn that The Company of Master Jewellers chief executive Willie Hamilton had resigned.

“Willie is the CMJ,” he reveals to Professional Jeweller, adding: “I only joined because he kept selling me the idea, and I’m glad I did because it helped me get Pandora.”

Prestons is best known as a retailer of prestige watches from Patek Philippe, Rolex and Tudor, and high end diamond jewellery, with boutiques in Wilmslow, Windsor and Leeds.


However, its parent company, Davane Holding Company, has also run a Pandora franchise store in Bolton since 2015.

The group also recently opened a mid-market, multi-brand jeweller called Daisy Mai in Wilmslow, which stocks Pandora, Carat, Swarovski and Les Georgettes jewellery.

Following the news of Willie Hamilton’s departure, many have been quick to commend his relationship with Pandora and how he forged the way for retailers to benefits from the brand’s success.