Molly Brown’s Erica Illingworth on the benefits of selling to kids.

By Erica Illingworth

The inspiration to create a collection of jewellery for girls came from my own daughter in 2006. I wanted her to have something of her own that she could wear as a child and still want to wear as an adult.


I remember my grandmother giving me a pair of pearl earrings when I was young; I still treasure them to this day because they remind me of her and are therefore special to me.

But, when looking for jewellery items for my daughter, I found everything was either too expensive or simply too tacky.
I saw a gap in the market for stylish jewellery made specifically for children but still appealing to teenagers and adults.

After working for myself after having children, I felt that this was an opportunity for me to work on something I was passionate about and the Molly Brown London Collection was born.

It has become a destination brand when looking for a birthday, Christmas or Christening gift or to celebrate that special occasion. As a parent, godparent or close relative you are very likely to spend a significant amount of money on buying gifts for an infant or young girl. Indeed a huge amount of money is spent on items such as clothes that children grow out of within weeks or toys that the recipient gets bored of.

I feel that the jewellery industry should be more confident about capturing the spend that is there for children and not be afraid to push designer jewellery as a gift for a child.

Jewellery lasts longer, costs the same as a designer baby-grow or gimmicky game but will hold so many more memories for years to come. Jewellery also holds sentiment in a way that few other gifts do. A little girl will always remember that first special piece of jewellery gifted to her.

Very much like my own experience, it is my belief that if we develop a passion for something when we are young, chances are we will still feel passionate about the same thing well into adulthood.

Just as little girls grow up, so too is Molly Brown. We have some exciting plans for 2012 and can’t wait to share them with the industry.


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