Paradise Gems says interest of Prince sped up police investigation.

Prince Charles has stepped in to help speed up the police investigation into a theft at a London jeweller that took place during the summer riots.

Stephen Moore, owner of Paradise Jewellers in London’s Tottenham, has said that the involvement of the Prince in his case has benefitted him enormously in an interview with local newspaper The Haringey Independent.


Moore met Prince Charles when he and the Duchess of Cornwall visited Tottenham to view the destruction wreaked on the area by the riots.

Paradise Jewellers was caught up in the destruction and Moore believes that his store, which he had run for 21 years, will never reopen after being burnt to the ground in August. During the riots £500,000 of jewellery – a mixture of stock and pawned goods – was stolen from safes within the shop.

Moore, who is now out of work, told the newspaper that since their meeting Prince Charles had stayed in regular contact with him and had checked up on the progress of the police investigation.

A 27-year-old man was arrested on April 4, something that Moore believes has been speeded up by the involvement of Prince Charles. Moore, however, said he has little hope of retrieving the lost jewellery.