Jewellery designer and piercer Maria Tash has gone viral this month due to a jewellery retailer using a provocative slogan to promote the brand joining the store.

New York-based retailer Stone & Strand, which sells products designed by women for women, designed a banner promoting the Maria Tash brand with the innuendo tagline ‘Something for every hole’.

Despite the message not actually being approved by Maria Tash, who took to Twitter to announce that she has asked the store to change it, it’s actually been great for business as it has gone viral with many consumers talking about it on Twitter and the story being picked up by consumer press.


This provocative banner by Stone & Strand made the Maria Tash brand name go viral.

Major news outlet, Huffington Post, has declared the message a powerful statement for women, while in the UK promoted the jeweller by saying:  “It’s pretty provocative message but we love it”.

The jeweller’s chief executive officer Nadine McCarthy Kahane told Buzzfeed News: “We did write the branner deliberately, because we believe that int he same way men have historically been granted room in our discourse to make playful reference to their sexuality, women should have the same freedom.”

Although the reaction to the message has been popular and raised the jewellery designers global profile, Maria Tash wrote on Twitter: “We prefer to say we have something for every piecing.” However, she did see the funny side to the story.

Maria Tash has been dubbed one of the names behind multiple piercings and the promotion of delicately stacked earrings becoming popular.

Last year Maria Tash opened her first and only permanent piecing studio in the UK on the ground floor of Liberty London.