Designers to create platinum Heritage Collection for London retailer.

PureJewels, a prominent retailer in the Green Street jewellery quarter in east London, has selected six UK designers to create its new Platinum Heritage Collection for launch during London Jewellery Week in June.

From humble beginnings in east Africa, PureJewels is emerging as an important brand in the fast-growing Green Street jewellery quarter, appealing to South Asian and Western tastes.


When Bhanji Gokaldas started off creating bespoke jewellery designs in Kenya in 1950, he could not possibly have imagined the journey leading to the establishment of a thriving retail business in London.

Still a family-run company, when Bhanji Gokaldas and Sons transformed into the newly branded PureJewels in June 2008, PureJewels had reinvented itself as a retailer with a highly visible presence on Green Street, as well as a growing force in mail order online retailing.

PureJewels targets mainly the 24-35 year-old engagement and wedding ring market – young, affluent people wanting to buy a beautiful piece of jewellery — and now sells half of its jewellery to British Asians and the remainder to other Britons, says brand manager Jayant Raniga.

“PureJewels is the product of a remarkable journey by Bhanji Gokaldas,” Raniga said.

“This journey has inspired the six Platinum Heritage Collection designers, who have each picked up on different aspects of the story of the PureJewels brand.”

The six Platinum Heritage Collection designers Kate Thorley, Zoe Youngman, Katie Rowland, Paul Draper, Cindy Dennis Mangan, and Anna Loucah.

Their pieces will be manufactured in the UK and finished by mid-May and will be exhibited at the prestigious Goldsmiths’ Hall and at launch events to be held in the Jaguar Boutique at the Berkeley Hotel in Knightsbridge, central London during London Jewellery Week, which runs from June 7-13 to showcase British talent in the jewellery industry.

“It’s a fundamental shift of our core brand and shows our level of commitment to creating design-led jewellery,” Raniga said.

PureJewels plans to launch a catalogue, and each designer will enter the Platinum Heritage Collection pieces to the Lonmin Design Innovation Awards.

Each designer will create their own concept for the Platinum Heritage Collection, which will tell the story of PureJewels.

Bhanji Gokaldas’ drive was inspiring – through self belief and the support of his family he has created a trusted brand in PureJewels and that’s what led me to join his journey,” said Kate Thorley, one of the six Platinum Heritage Collection designers.

Each designer will be celebrated for their pieces, Raniga said.

“It will be PureJewels by Kate Thorley, and PureJewels by Zoe Youngman, and so on.”

Raniga added, “The Platinum Heritage Collection underscores PureJewels’ commitment to promote British design and to help develop and showcase British jewellery talent.”