Pursuit used its annual User Day event to announce a new partnership with JHJ Consultancy led by Jo Henderson. 

The new partnership will enable Pursuit’s clients to access high level training in sales technique designed to feed off so-called ‘big data’ – sets of raw information contained in every computer’s database.

Pursuit managing director Mike Burns explains: “We are committed to helping our user community extract maximum value from their investment. And by ‘maximum value’ I mean increasing sales. And from beginning to end, that is ultimately what retail systems are really all about.


“Central to this is data – raw information – that sits in a retailer’s system but is not necessarily used to the full. The reason is simple. It has to be admitted that, ordinarily, drilling down into information and compiling and manipulating it to create succinct reports requires time and knowhow.

“Few jewellery executives or back office staff members are able to devote the necessary time – and they are unlikely to be aspiring computer geeks.”

Burns continues: “Last year we introduced our Analytics module. It enables every aspect of the business and sales and stock performance to be analysed without laborious procedure. Linking up with JHJ Consultancy is another way we can help clients make dynamic use of the information it produces to boost business.

“Analytics does all the laborious tasks for you. Not only is it as quick as a click, because the Pursuit system as a whole functions in real time – the information is as up to date as the most recent card transaction and latest stock delivery. Its value is fantastic.”

Pursuit’s Analytics tool automatically processes business oversight, sales performance information and presents it as easy-to-read in bar chart, pie chart and graph form.

“It gives managers control. Because the information is live, you can respond there and then. Decisions made based on details checked on a busy Saturday afternoon use that day’s data – not information captured the day before,” Burns concludes.

JHJC founder Jo Henderson has the extra advantage of first-hand experience of creating and running a retail jewellery business.

Henderson comments: “As soon as I saw Analytics demonstrated, I realised it adds a whole new dimension to managing stock movement and driving sales. Add to that Pursuit’s mobile till on an iPad EPoS product and a retailer has sales tools of incredible power.

“This is the future. For improving sales performance and selecting stock, it is an information goldmine. I am excited by the opportunity of working alongside Pursuit and helping retailers.”