Software house Pursuit has appointed an account manager and operations manger to support the company’s continue rate of growth.

The number of jewellery shops and concessions using Pursuit sales, stock and management systems has grown by over 100 in the past year.

To match its fast paced rate of growth, Pursuit has made two new key management appointments and expanded its technical support team, customer training department and front-line customer services and administrative staff.


Pursuit has appointed Alan Walker as account manager and Stacy Bishop as the company’s new operations manager. Bishop will have the overall responsibility for project management, customer technical support, training and administration.

Further reinforcements have also been made to Pursuit’s software engineering and system quality control resources, including web design, online sales functions and cloud computing.

Pursuit managing director, Mike Burns, says: “Not only have we brought in new people in key areas of the company who possess appropriate specialist experience, we are delighted with the talent produced by our apprenticeship programme.

“We invested in the introduction of an apprenticeship scheme a couple of years ago. Our group of apprentices new includes young women as well as men. We are fortunate. Sophisticated use of computers and mobile devices is second-nature to the Noughties generation. This helps speed the rate of progress up the learning curve, which is great for the company and great for the apprentices.”

Commenting on the company’s rate of growth, Burns adds: “The new customers we are winning are single-shop independents, jewellers with a cluster of shops in a county region and multiples with a combination of shops and shop-in-shop concessions. In most cases, they are switching from other proprietary systems or from bespoke or in-house developed software.

“Pursuit’s success is built on tailoring systems designed according to an individual jeweller’s functional requirements and budget – in other words, the polar opposite of the kind of computer setup that imposes a predetermined way of doing things.

“As an investment, our core technology ensures the best of all worlds. It combines the cost benefits of standard modules with inherent flexibility so that each installation is configured to suit the precise needs of individual clients.  And its future-proof – it has the capacity to accommodate changing and expanding needs.

“Crucially, unlike other systems used in jewellery retailing, Pursuit operates in real time. No matter how many shops and EPoS terminals a business has, sales and stock records are as up to the minute as the most recent shop and online transaction.”

Together with its new management appointments and customer services team expansion, Pursuit has announced plans to change the way it provides automatic system upgrades.

Burns explains: “Our user agreements include automatic provision of periodic system upgrades, which we provide at no additional cost. They combine response to customer feedback with the fruits of our commitment to continuous facilities development.

“Customers receive two system enhancement releases a year. However, this can impose the need to absorb a considerable amount of new information. The ready availability of technical guidance goes without saying, but for some customers, it can be too much to cope with all at once. To overcome this, we are planning to switch to making more but smaller releases, making them quicker and easier to digest.”