Pursuit Software has teamed up with International Jewellery London (IJL) to offer a unique selling tool.

The sales app developed by Pursuit Software will be free to jewellery and watch businesses exhibiting at IJL. It has been specifically designed to enhance the quality of sales presentations and the selling process.

Operating on an iPad or similar mobile device, Pursuit’s new app holds complete cross-searchable records containing details and images for all collections and options. Searches can home-in on type of design, prices, colours, stones, metals, specifications and any other variable including millimetre ring sizes.


Breakdowns of ranges, matching pieces, price band or items that are otherwise related – mix and match bracelets and charms for example – can be accessed in an instant.

Pursuit managing director, Mike Burns, explains: “The new app is a revolutionary advance in technology designed to support the selling process. We researched the needs of sales executives, reps and agents, together with existing business-to-business sales aids that run on mobile devices. Most are little more than catalogue-type listings, with little or no scope for structured searches that focus on particular product categories, attributes or range permutations.”

Pursuit’s new App can be set up to hold details of all customers or restricted to customers of specific individual sales people. New customers can be added at any time.

In situations where there is no internet access or wifi, orders are stored and emailed the moment a connection is available.

Burns continues: “The Pursuit App has none of these limitations. Search results determined by any chosen selection criteria are rapidly generated. The advantage of having all the information at your fingertips obviously helps the smoothness and efficiency of the selling process. The App makes it’s quick and easy to select and suggest alternatives that might interest the customer – and by doing so helps create opportunities for upselling to increase the value of the order.”

To arrange to have the app free of charge for taking orders at IJL and for a two-month trial period, jewellery and watch exhibitors can sign up via the jewellerylondon.com/pursuit web link.

IJL event director, Sam Willoughby, comments: “For IJL’s exhibitors to have this exclusive offer to be able to trial this innovative new sales app, specifically created for the jewellery and watch sector, is a real bonus. It promises to aid fast and efficient upselling when speed is absolutely of the essence these days. We look forward to hearing lots of positive feedback at the show.”

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