Tech company to take names for April preview at The Jewellery Show.

Retail software company Pursuit is making some intriguing claims about a new product launch that it claims will “revolutionise jewellery retail”, however it is as yet refusing to give any clues as to what this revolutionary product might be.

The mystery product is scheduled to launch in the second quarter of 2012, with a preview set for one of the company’s user days in April. While no details will be released at the software company’s upcoming appearance at The Jewellery Show in Birmingham in February, Pursuit will be meeting retailers at the show to make appointments for the preview of the technology.


Pursuit has said that the reason it is keeping the new technology under wraps until its official release is fear of copycats. Anybody outside of the Pursuit business who has had contact with the product in the development stage has been made to sign a non-disclosure agreement to try and plug any leaks that might occur.

This secrecy has not, however, stopped it from making major public claims about what it is claiming is “ground-breaking innovation calculated to revolutionise the world of jewellery retailing”.

The weight of such a claim as Pursuit is making has not been lost on managing director Mike Burns.

Burns said: “Claiming that we are on the verge of launching a revolution may come across as overstatement. But we are not guilty of hyperbole. Make no mistake. What we will be revealing constitutes nothing less than a new business model for jewellery retailing.

“We make no apologies for alerting the retail community about it in advance – despite giving no clues about our new product’s nature. The Jewellery Show is the event that kicks-tarts the industry after its post-Christmas pause for breath. It is therefore the right forum for giving advanced notice to jewellery retailers who may be contemplating new IT investment.”

Burns is bullish in his belief that what the company is preparing to unveil will become must-have technology and has gone so far as to ask retailers to put blind faith in a system that he refuses to tell them anything about. He added: “Any decision made before taking full account of the fundamental changes in the way of doing business that Pursuit’s new product will introduce would risk limiting their future competitiveness.”