Q&A: Adorn Insight co-founder Maia Adams on hot jewellery trends to watch at IJL

Maia Adams Adorn Insight

Q: You’ve already outlined the big trends for IJL (find them here) but is there one in particular that you think will really shine for jewellers this season?

They’re definitely all hot trends, but if we had to suggest one of the most versatile, it would be Geo Form. This is really a trend that has been evolving over several seasons now. It started with simple, planar shapes – the sort you associate with schoolroom geometry books, triangles, circles and the like, and has now moved into more sculptural territory with structures such as cubes and orbs clustered together and layered up to create pieces that are visually interesting from all angles.

Cut-out designs also nicely into this category, as do pieces which tessellate and puzzle together. And don’t forget colour blocking as part of the repertoire. Enamel panels and coloured gemstone slices are just two elements which can be used to introduce the trend into commercially strong, extremely wearable jewellery.

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Q: How can retailers use the trend information you provide to really target their sales – is it all about visual merchandising, colourful props, background displays or something in their social media/newsletter etc? 

All of the above, and more! The important thing is to implement an omni-channel strategy. By this we meant that the communication between all the consumer touch points outlined in your question needs to be telling the same story and therefore communicating a unified message.

Q: In your Advice Clinic what sort of questions do you hope to answer for retailers?

The Advice Clinic will run after our SS2016 trend presentation: “Market intelligence for commercial success: The Spring/Summer 2016 jewellery trends you need to know” on Monday 7 at 12.45pm. 

Based on this we expect to be answering a few questions about how retailers can be thinking ahead and incorporating these seasonal trends into their buy for the forthcoming season. Our key message here, and what we are passionate about, is demonstrating how to make trends commercially relevant to the fine jewellery sector. Traditionally, this arena has been reluctant to embrace trends. More and more we are seeing just how important trends are to the consumer, and consequently what a powerful tool they can be when correctly used by designers and retailers.

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