Jason Allum, managing director at Allum & Sidaway, talks to Professional Jeweller about the fashion jewellery market.

What fashion jewellery trends dominated the market this year?
Jewellery trends that have been strong this year for Allum & Sidaway are still layering of bracelets such as ChloBo, but I would also say quality, well made design-led collections such as Alex Monroe and Georg Jensen, as these have preformed well. I expect these collection’s growth to continue into 2019 and we will be supporting these kind of collections in more of our stores in the future.

What do you think influences fashion jewellery consumer’s purchasing decisions?
I believe celebrity product placement certainly influences fashion jewellery consumer’s purchasing. But brands have to concentrate on their designs and cannot rely on just there brand name to sell their jewellery.


What things do you look out for when deciding what fashion jewellery to stock?
For Allum & Sidaway to take on any further jewellery brands in the future, they have to have a good commercial core collection, be well made, and have quality running through from the product to the branding itself and have a point of difference.