Q&A: Boutique.Goldsmiths’ SS16 campaign launch


Professional Jeweller catches up with Boutique.Goldsmiths to discuss the campaign’s conception, its strategy, and how the company continues to move with the times.

Millennial has become somewhat of a buzzword in business, as industries look towards passing on the baton to these 18 to 30-somethings who will be both future leaders, and future consumers.

The jewellery industry in particular is experiencing a shift with the times, adapting to the needs of this new generation of style conscious and digitally fluent group.

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With that in mind, Boutique.Goldsmiths unveils its new campaign, We Are Boutique – a showcase of on-trend jewellery and watches for women and men.

We are Boutique SS16  is described as “standing for individualism and celebrating personal style.” How have consumers’ purchasing choices changed since Boutique.Goldsmith’s launch in 2011?

Consumer shopping habits have evolved due to technological developments, giving people a much wider choice and instant access to our product offerings, as well as the rise of social media, providing a platform for consumers to express themselves and experiment with their fashion choices.

Boutique.Goldsmiths has always been dubbed the ‘cooler, younger sibling’ of Goldsmiths and we wanted to reinforce this concept through our SS16 campaign which embraces and encourages consumers to express their personality and celebrate individuality through their unique style.
Who is the campaign aimed towards, and how did that reflect your promotional materials?
The campaign is targeted towards the international, fashion conscious and brand aware consumer who wants to express their individual and unique style aesthetic. By using social media influencers as the stars of the campaign and leveraging their support via their own social media channels, we’ve been able to reach the savvy, social media generation who champion their own self-expression.

What has the response been so far to the campaign?
The response since the launch of the campaign has been very positive; the social media influencers within the campaign have loyal followings of their own, which has created a buzz and generated high social engagement. The use of the hashtag #weareboutique and social media competitions coinciding with the launch has further encouraged interaction and social  noise around the campaign.

What trends do you predict surfacing next season and beyond?
One of the great aspects of Boutique.Goldsmiths is that we champion a mix of ‘hot’ brands and classic consumer favourites. We ensure that we are always one step ahead in terms of understanding trends and who the next big brand will be, and are always looking to expand our portfolio to incorporate pieces from niche brands, ensuring we are first to market. We have especially noticed an increase in the demand for jewellery.

With fourteen stores now open in the UK, the We are Boutique campaign launches another chapter for the brand as it continues to enforce its growth strategy.


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