The booming jewellery brand that has won 40 stockists in a year.

Chloe Moss is the brains behind ChloBo, one of the leading emerging fashion jewellers brands to hit UK retailers this past year. Along with its mens collection ChloBoy the brand has won stockists including Steffans, Pressleys Etcetera and Swag. Moss launched the brand after travels in the Far East, and was named a NexGem in the Professional Jeweller Hot 100 2012, in association with The Company of Master Jewellers and IJL.

Professional Jeweller: How have you grown as a brand over the past year?
Chloe Moss: During the last year the brand has continued to benefit from celebrity endorsements and mentions in all the key fashion magazines. We stepped up our merchandising at the start of the year which elevated the brand considerably and our retail presence has grown with nearly 40 new retailers. Our trade profile benefited directly as a result of being shortlisted [at The UK Jewellery Awards]. Our products are now sitting comfortably alongside established brands such as Pandora, Thomas Sabo and Links of London.


PJ: Have you hit any challenges along the way launching your own brand?
CM: I have hit so many challenges in growing the business. I realised early on that I would need help and have built a team that includes very experienced business people. On a personal level it has often been hard to maintain my confidence when there are issues that are new to me or difficult to understand. I’ve just got better at asking questions and trusting the experts around me.

PJ: What inspires you as a designer?
CM: I just love fashion, particularly buying it [laughs]. I have a real passion for it and spend enormous amounts of time studying the latest trends, ChloBo designs are very boho and this emanates from my family roots in the Caribbean and from my worldwide back pack travel experiences. New countries, their culture’s and styles always influence me. When I find something new I am excited and enthused to see if it can influence my designs. I study where colours and designs are heading. Prior to each range I conduct an in depth study and then wrap my own design thoughts and ideas into those ranges.

PJ: What have been your highlights this year, both personal and professional?
CM: The professional highlight of the year was being shortlisted for Jewellery Brand of the Year at the UK Jewellery Awards, while personally I was a bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding in Lake Como.

PJ: You’ve captured the attention of quite a few leading retailers with a strong commercial edge to the brand. What do you think it is that makes your brand such a success in tough times?
CM: The fundamental appeal of ChloBo products is the base driver for customer demand. We engineer our ranges to have appeal for our different types of customer in terms of both price and personal preferences of designs. This provides a broad selling opportunity for retailers. Our RRP spectrum is weighted towards consumable price points while ChloBo jewellery is worn in a stackable style, which is very fashionable but very importantly drives repeat business and customer traction, which retailer’s love. Our business model is retailer friendly, designed to allow retailers to pull stock in as they need it, contrary to many competitors who push stock out, tying up retailers’ capital, which in the current climate is vital. We only ask retailers to stock sufficient representation for merchandise displays and provide service levels that allow stock to be replenished within a week to 10 days.

PJ: How did you find your way into jewellery?
CM: I’d worked in the travel industry beforehand and at the age of 21 knew I didn’t want to do that for the rest of my life. So I went travelling and was really inspired by the people and the craftsmanship of Bali. I would sit at the side of the road or at the beach for hours watching people make jewellery. As soon as I returned I knew instantly that’s what I wanted to do, ChloBo was born around my kitchen table.

PJ: How would you describe your approach to work?
CM: I’m quite a chilled person and sometimes give the impression that I’m too laid back, but my excuse is that creative people are like that. However, I do take matters seriously but like to have fun along the way. The ChloBo management team has developed a serious but fun culture which creates a great, balanced working environment.

PJ: How do you manage your work-life balance and how do you relax off the job?
CM: It’s always difficult to strike a healthy balance between personal and business commitments but the business often wins, as there is so much happening. I relax outside of work through my fitness regime. It’s often a time when I think things through without the day to day distractions and pressures.

PJ: What are your plans for your business for the next year?
CM: We will continue to grow our retailer network and commenced a marketing push in September that will significantly raise brand awareness and elevate the brand further. We are currently finalising this programme. We are developing strategies to more fully embrace the ChloBo customer that we believe will create deeper brand loyalty and also provide additional sales uplift.