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EXCLUSIVE Q&A: Engraving loved ones’ handwriting on customers’ jewellery is an ‘honour’


Inscripture is a UK-based bespoke jewellery service specialising in engraving customers’ or their loved ones’ handwriting.

Founded in 2016, the Essex-based brand has grown exponentially in that time, garnering a number of celebrity fans, and has its eye on further growth in the not-too-distant future. Founder Hayley Sturniolo tells PJ more.

What is Inscripture and how does it operate?

Inscripture are the UK’s leading handwriting engraving experts, specialising in memorial jewellery to capture treasured memories and turn them into tangible keepsakes to keep your loved ones close, even when they can’t be.

We are proud that our USP is not only our engraving style to offer a black prominent engraving which is legible in all lights as opposed to a traditional etched engraving, but also the ability to create new messages from your loved ones’ actual handwriting, using letters from other words, such as a shopping list.

We can create new names or messages to suit your preference – maybe a saying your loved one was known for or for a family member who never kept or misplaced their own cards.

We also have a number of worldwide exclusive products such as our photo-and-handwriting wallet cards, handwriting-engraved phone cases, acrylic tokens and watch or fob straps.

Inscripture was founded in 2016 at our dining room table with a dream of creating family-orientated, sentimental items to treasure – a little bit different to the high street, and personality-driven.

Based in our home studio in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, we sell online via our website and can also be found on Etsy, Asos and Silk Fred.

We are also partial to a Christmas market where we can meet our customers and explain the full process of what we do, as it is often mistaken that we imitate the handwriting, as opposed to extracting the actual handwriting from its background.

You have some celebrity fans of the brand. Tell me more about this?

Our jewellery has been worn by a number of celebrities, such as Olivia Attwood, Chloe Meadows, Courtney Green, Shelby Tribble, Chloe Ross, Laura Hamilton, Jess Hunt, Sarah Ashcroft, Malin Sara, Rachel Fenton, Jess Impiaza, Hayley Sparkes and Cici Jones.

We also supplied jewellery to Love Island in 2019 where it was spotted on screen worn by Dani Dyer and Laura Anderson.

Do you work through retailers at all or would this not work because of the bespoke nature of Inscripture?

We don’t work through retailers at present due to the memorial personalisation aspect but this is an avenue we would love to explore in future should a suitable opportunity arise.

How has your growth journey been so far?

When we first launched in 2016 our growth was phenomenonal, receiving 2,000 followers on Facebook a week we quickly changed from a one-woman band to a family business within a year.

We are extremely grateful for the amazing response to our jewellery and are extremely proud to have become the UK’s first and leading handwriting engraving specialists. We now have over 194,000 followers on Facebook and over 60,000 on Instagram.

How did the pandemic affect the way you operate?

We were extremely fortunate that our business thrived during the pandemic and with the majority of our staff working remotely, this did not effect our working style whatsoever.

It actually enabled us to offer more job opportunities to those seeking employment and provide a secure position in such uncertain times.

What comes next for Inscripture?

Here at Inscripture we strive to remain original within our niche so we are constantly working on new products, designs and ideas, while also expanding our current ranges.

Our next goal is to become the number-one brand for memorial jewellery.

It is such an honour being entrusted to create such sentimental pieces so we would love to expand our offering to all aspects of memorial jewellery and be able to provide all product options, such as jewellery made from ashes, accompanied by their loved ones’ own words, to create a truly bespoke, meaningful piece to offer comfort in times of need.


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