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Q&A: Emma Begent-Cove shares her fashion jewellery predictions for 2017

Emma Begent-Cove, jewellery buyer, Watch Shop

Emma Begent-Cove, jewellery buyer at Watch Shop, discusses the fashion jewellery market with Professional Jeweller.

What makes fashion jewellery such a popular choice for millennial consumers?
Fashion jewellery has really developed over the last few years with brands creating desirable ranges at affordable prices. We have found in particular that social media has had a real impact on trends and the speed at which they evolve amongst millennials. Sharing “looks” on social platforms means that there is a hunger to post new style images and with a limited number of pieces in any wardrobe, jewellery becomes the fashion update. This audience is keen to express their personality and jewellery is a great way to add interest and individuality and to define which fashion ‘tribe’ they belong to.

Have you noticed a change in the way consumers buy fashion jewellery?
Consumers are still primarily driven by what’s in fashion and trends, however there is also the desire to stand out from the crowd. Customers are looking for individual pieces that create a ‘wow’ factor which is really exciting for us as buyers as it means we can work with such a diverse range of high end and new designers to cater for this new group of fashion lovers. It’s become apparent that whilst there is still a big demand for big designer names, some millennials are choosing to step away from more obvious designer pieces and seek out new, almost undiscovered brands.

What fashion jewellery pieces sell best at Watch Shop?
We have noticed a definite trend towards dainty jewellery, in particular stud earrings and bracelets/bangles, and pieces set with crystal/cubic zirconia. People love a bit of sparkle. Rose gold also continues to be a very popular colour choice.

What fashion jewellery trends do you predict for 2017?
This year has largely focussed on the resurgence of the 90s with lots of chunky and fun pieces. I predict a more subtle approach for next year; layering dainty necklaces and bracelets. One trend which is going to continue will be the demand for ear jewellery, cuffs, and statement earrings in particular are going to be at the centre of this.


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